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Ivory Garden Nonprofit Corporation

Ivory Garden is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization which provides programs and resources that support survivors and those who support survivors of childhood trauma, as well as raising public and professional awareness of the effects of childhood trauma:

1). Provide international forums, and chat rooms where folks who live with the effects of childhood trauma, as well as families, friends, mental health professionals, educators and other supporters can meet, share experiences, and find valid resources in safe and respectful environments.

2). Provide educational materials and opportunities to survivors of childhood trauma in order to further understand and promote healing.

3) Provide educational opportunities to those who support survivors of childhood trauma including: family, friends, mental health professionals, educators, and other interested parties.

4). Provide other needed services in support of the Mission, as determined by the Board of Directors of Ivory Garden.

Contact Information:

Patricia Goodwin, President


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Board of Directors

Patricia Goodwin.MA President

Patricia is a graduate of Pacific Lutheran University in Washington State. She graduated Cum laude with majors in Psychology, English with Writing Emphasis and minor in Sociology. She is Certified in State of WA as a Special Education Teacher, specializing also in K-8, and K-12 English, Language Arts, and Psychology. Patricia retired from teaching and then, in 2006, founded and still operates DID Support Group – http://www.igdid.org/.

Susan Ratner, Ph.D. – Secretary

Ivory Garden non-profit corporation board directors member Sue Ratner grew up in the borough of the Bronx in New York City. She earned a B.A. in Statistics from Princeton University, an M.A. in Biology from City College of the City University of New York, and a Ph.D. from University of California at San Diego.

Kathryn M Woods, BA – Vice President/Treasurer

Ivory Garden non-profit corporation board directors member Kathryn studied Music Theory, receiving a bachelor’s in 1979, worked in a group home for developmentally delayed adults for 11 years and while doing that attended a program for Registered Occupational therapists, achieving a bachelors and beginning a masters in that program. She retired in 2013 and now, also volunteers as an administrator on Ivory Garden Trauma and Dissociation Community and Owner of Trauma Survivor Support Group, both online support communities.