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Ivory Garden is a safe and private forum where members interact as equals without judgement and/or drama.  Before deciding whether this is the place for you, please read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.  If you have any questions, please contact an administrator. 


Everyone who has experienced trauma and struggles with symptoms associated with dissociation, PTSD, and/or other trauma related diagnoses is welcome to join our group.  We ask that each member complete an application form as well as donating a minimum of $20.00 which will be used toward the operational expenses. 

In order to register, click the button below and complete the attached form.  Once administrators receive the completed form, you will be added as a member.


Looking forward to meeting you. 


Felicity Lee


[email protected]




OPEN TO PUBLIC. Please keep posts light and respectful.
Morgan: Hey, everybody. Where are you all? I haven't seen many posts lately. I miss you all. :( Nov 15, 2022 4:48:35 GMT -8
Morgan: Hi, my family of choice. I miss seeing you all on the board. I hope you will come back. To those who are still posting, I'm glad, very glad. I care about all of you! Morgan :-X Nov 19, 2022 11:42:16 GMT -8
jadedlabyrinth: we dont do much for chat but i will say hi ! Nov 19, 2022 12:14:05 GMT -8
Felicity Lee: I am here too. Maybe holidays 399900 are busy times. I have been, but here everyday. You rock Morgan! Nov 20, 2022 9:20:30 GMT -8
Felicity Lee: :-S Nov 20, 2022 9:20:54 GMT -8
Morgan: Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Try to relax and if you must go to dinner, use the bathroom as your getaway. Morgan 5267 Nov 24, 2022 4:46:56 GMT -8
Felicity Lee: Hi hi. Happy Thanksgiving, >:( x_x Nov 24, 2022 8:54:35 GMT -8
Morgan: Hi everyone! I've been absent due to being busy at work. That's a good thing for me. I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Dec 2, 2022 8:28:06 GMT -8
Morgan: :)) :-X x_x Dec 2, 2022 8:28:28 GMT -8
Felicity Lee: See you today on zoom! Dec 4, 2022 10:57:54 GMT -8
Morgan: Christmas is one week away! Even if you don't like the holiday, smile because you have already survived 100% of your worst days. Dec 18, 2022 15:33:49 GMT -8
ktvalleygal: hi everyone you know how in the about me page i mentioned i liked music and singing iam taking voice lessons now its really fun have a good week Dec 18, 2022 18:49:33 GMT -8
Morgan: That's great news ktalleygal. Five more days until Christmas and two more days until a blizzard sets in where I live! Take good care of yourselves out there! Stay warm. Stay safe. >:( :-X Dec 20, 2022 13:46:16 GMT -8
Morgan: MERRY CHRISTMAS my family of choice! Dec 25, 2022 7:51:12 GMT -8
Felicity Lee: Hi all. A merry Christmas to you all! >:( Dec 25, 2022 10:56:13 GMT -8
jadedlabyrinth: Happy New Year Jan 4, 2023 19:56:16 GMT -8
Morgan: Hey everybody come join us at 7 pacific for a funny and delightful time on Zoom Jan 8, 2023 12:46:34 GMT -8
Morgan: That's supposed to be 6 specific LOL I'm not sure where the seven came from :'( Jan 22, 2023 15:32:39 GMT -8
Morgan: That's wrong too!!!!! It is 4 pacific 6 central and 7 eastern sheesh! No wonder I'm not a moderator I can't keep my times straight! LOL :P 8-| Jan 22, 2023 15:34:15 GMT -8
Felicity Lee: Hi all. See everyone tomorrow same time same place :)) Feb 4, 2023 8:26:40 GMT -8
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