Zoom and Chat Guidelines

Zoom and Chat Guidelines

Please read and follow these guidelines - if you have questions while reading, jot them down and email me.

1. Introduce yourself when entering chat room.

2. Do not come into the chat room and threaten or express in any way that you intend to harm yourself or someone else.

3. If any member comes into the chat room threatening self-harm, the Moderator will direct them to log off, and call the crisis line, therapist, go to the nearest hospital, or dial 911. Do not try to play therapist.

4. Let other members know what you are doing. For example, if you are leaving for a bit, write brb (be right back). When you return, type the word "Back". Members often feel uncomfortable when other members are logged in without participating. Always say goodbye to all members before leaving.

5. Do not gossip, bash, or insult members from this board or any other. Do not discuss other members, boards, private conversations that you may have had with other members or staff of this board with anyone else. Gossip of any sort can result in banning from the chat room. If you wonder what is appropriate, leave chat and email a staff person.

6. Let members know who is present and participating in discussions. If a little member is participating or if you switch during chat sessions, alert other members who is present. You may also change your 'nickname', but not your profile name to reflect who is posting.

7. Littles are always welcome anywhere. They are also members of the board and they are to be respected.

8. Ask or alert other members that you wish to begin a topic. Make sure all agree before beginning discussion.

9. We are a support board and chat rooms are a good distraction and a way to get to know other members. It should always be a good and fun experience. No serious discussions, No explicit details, No topics of Satanic Ritual Abuse, Ritual Abuse, or Mind Control, SU or SI. If you would like to talk about a serious topic please post on the board.

10. Subjects in chat should be kept light. No one is responsible for your triggers but you. If you get triggered, politely excuse yourself from chat and take a break. Moderators in the room will ask for change of subject when needed. This should be respected.

11. Do not make yourself the center of attention. Encourage all members to join in. If you are feeling quiet, let others know. Consider that all members present are reading, even if not participating in discussions. Think of their reactions and direct your discussions in a way that will not offend anyone.

12. Do not share passwords with other members.

13.Do not post links to any other board, blog, site, etc. except from our board. There will be no advertising here or on the board. Youtubes are allowed in the chat rooms. Talk to Moderator on how to post. Please do not just post the link. DO NOT SHARE PERSONAL INFORMATION OF ANY KIND IN CHAT OR ANYWHERE ON THE BOARD.

15. Please treat everyone with respect and promote Ivory Garden Dissociative Identity Disorder Support Group as the safe and friendly environment that we all enjoy.

16. Respect staff - if you are asked to change subject, do so immediately. If you are asked to leave the room for a break - do so. Moderators/admins have the authority to 'mute' (members will not see your posts), moderate (your posts will need to be approved before seen), kick (you will be bounced out of chat for 15 min), or ban you from chat altogether without warning.

Please do follow the rules and be respectful always. All rules included in the Policies and Guidelines and Self Regulating sections also apply in the chat area. Please read all three sections as well.

Breaking any of these rules will result in a kick for 15 minutes or complete banning from use of the chat room.

We also have a peer moderated chat - meaning that members moderate each others' interactions while in chat. Members are responsible for reporting immediately to admins/mods anytime rules any infractions of guidelines or chat rules. The rooms are also carefully moderated by staff, and administrators review logs as necessary. We all work together as a community to ensure the safety of all.

Please keep in mind that Administrators often moderate the chat rooms 'invisible' and are able to read all chat logs, including private chat. This to ensure the safety of all members.

Thank you,

Sabrina Smythe
Ivory Garden, President

Leandra Lee